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Foxfire Magazine

Posted by Linda on July 21, 2012 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (1)

Recently, Emily Thurmond a student in Rabun County and on the writing staff of Foxfire magazine came out to the mill to learn about what we do here. After the sfternoon of conversation, demonstration and picture taking she went back to the Foxfire offices and created a beautiful in depth article about our property. She went into the histiry, the current uses and the future plans for this historic property. Her editors and advisors were very impressed with her work and her article was selected as the cover story. We are so proud of the work she did to bring our life and livelyhood to so many people. Thank you Emily. You can learn more about Foxfire and the article at



Posted by Linda on June 6, 2010 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (2)

We recently were visited by Floyd Bingham and his sister Mary White who lived in the small cottage next door during the mid 1940's. Their family rented and worked at the mill. Floyd told us many tales of growing up here and the one that was most unique was about how the boys would go fishing...

...this whole area was different back then, there was no road or pretty garden in front, this was all sunk in and you drove through the stream right here. Mr. Hopper owned the field yonder and would graze cattle or raise crops depending on the year. Well, anyway, Carl was in charge of servicing the dam at the head of the falls and he could regulate the water and all. I was about ten years old and my brother Herbert a little older, but Mr. Carl would help us to get the fishing done right quick.

We would go into the cottage and get buckets and he would go up to the dam and let the flood gates open for a short time. All the water would come gushing down the falls and fill up the first part of Mr. Hopper's field. Well, then the water would be turned off, and the field would drain out, and there would be all kinds of eels and trout and brim flopping all over the place. We would run with our buckets through the field picking fish and eel as fast as we could. Then we could clean them and cook them up for supper. That sure was a sight to see, fish flopping and boys running around catching them bare handed.

I don't suppose that you have been fishing that way yet here, but I sure remember the fun it was. In 1948 we moved away, but I came back in 1966 with my wife and family to show them where I grew up. Now I am back again with my sister and new girl... it really brings back memories to see the old place, even though it has changed so much.